Historic, Film and State Tax Credits


Community Impact Investing.

Sixty West TCI, LLC— an affiliate of Sixty West, LLC— offers federal and state tax credits including historic, renewable, LIHTC/affordable housing, brownfield, and film. Dedicated to community impact investing, Sixty West TCI is an all-inclusive tax credit firm offering bridge financing, due diligence/underwriting, asset management, and brokerage services.

Offering turnkey solutions to developers, Sixty West TCI is capable of monetizing all federal and state tax credits earned by a development project. Furthermore, Sixty West TCI offers taxpayers and tax credit investors a wide variety of federal and state tax credit offerings with minimal risk. Sixty West TCI provides investors with a comprehensive strategy for leveraging tax credits to reduce and manage individual, corporation and institution taxpayer’s effective tax rates.

Offering investors a variety of tax credits to optimize their return on investment.