Improved safety and efficiency.

Legacy Mining LLC—an affiliate of Sixty West—was originally established in 2017 to oversee and operate Ozark Southern Stone Properties, LLC. Legacy Mining provides both field and office personnel with decades of mining and marketing experience. Legacy Mining works in the field of operations to improve workplace safety, efficiencies, sales and bottom lines. The Legacy Mining office staff works on savings and proper procurement processes.

Powerful results.

As a team, we have lowered labor and equipment repair costs and improved output, while doubling the sales of high-grade bulk blocks at Ozark Southern Stone Properties dimensional stone quarry. The addition of digital scales, a tracking process, a user-friendly accounting format and proper training have made for updated digital weight-based pricing and faster load out times.

Though new to the Sixty-West family, we at Legacy Mining are targeting many years of safe production, while earning strong returns for our clients.

Cultivating the natural resources of our land for the needs of tomorrow.