Renewable Energy


Integrated Solutions. Powerful Results.

REA works with both investors and developers to maximize the economics of renewable energy projects. Our highly disciplined approach integrates the investment, financing and services components of solar micro-utility projects, providing enhanced project confidence and delivering attractive options for our clients.
The REA consortium of affiliated partners delivers: 
  • Tax equity benefits
  • Asset management services
  • Bank financing for construction and permanent debt
  • Project integration services
  • Engineering, procurement and construction services

Powerful results.

Our clients benefit from our our expertise and knowledge of the complexities of solar micro-utility projects and our ability to identify and integrate various project components. REA engages its existing tax equity investment network, as well as cultivating additional investors who may not be familiar with either renewable or tax benefit backed investing. Investment types include Passive Income and C-Corp.

For investors, REA’s integrated approach produces better economics and project confidence by providing:
  • “Plug and Play” services for all projects
  • Multilayered due diligence, monitoring and reporting
  • Confidence of closing project financing with better debt terms
  • Potential to extend equity over significantly more projects
  • Increased ROIs

Integrated solutions.

REA is a proven financing partner, bringing tax equity, sponsor equity and established banking partnerships to projects. These partners rely on REA and consortium members to help establish appropriate safeguards that meet their financing requirements. REA structured financing strategies benefit both syndication and co-development projects.
Lending conditions:
  • 15 to 20 year debt
  • Debt may be provided during construction and converted to permanent debt
  • Debt provided for up to 45% of final project value
Full financing requirements:
  • Debt coverage of 1.25+
  • Power purchase agreement/lease, site control, and all warranties for the full length of the loan
  • Valid project valuation appraisals or cost certification
  • Asset manager review and affirmation of all deal documents
  • Debt provided for up to 45% of final project value

Since 2012, we have successfully completed more than 80 renewable energy projects.